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Physician Home Loan

Home loans designed to meet the needs of local doctors and physicians

Enjoy great rates, local service, and more flexible guidelines

The Physician Home Loan is designed to meet the needs of local doctors, and in particular, those who are recent graduates and looking to buy their first home, or trade up into a new home. This mortgage offers flexible underwriting guidelines that make it easier for doctors to qualify for a mortgage loan, even with significant student loan debt. 

Who’s eligible for the Physician Home Loan?
Doctors who practice medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry or osteopathy - including residents, fellows, and new and established physicians.

With our Physician Home Loan you can: 

  • Pay as little as 3% down
  • Borrow up to $766,550
  • Choose from fixed rate or adjustable rate loan options
  • Enjoy flexible guidelines that make it easier to qualify for a mortgage loan

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Pay as little as 3% down
Avoid the 5% to 10% standard down payment required by most lenders. With only 3% down required, you’ll save more for home improvements, furniture, and appliances.

Choose the loan term that works for you
Get the flexibility to select either a fixed rate mortgage—which helps you build equity and pay off your home faster—or a 5/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage, which provides for more affordable payments during the first years of your home ownership.  

Borrow up to $766,550 for variety of property types
No need to compromise on your dream house. Borrow up to $766,550 to purchase a single-family residence, townhome, condo, or home located within a planned unit development.

Flexible guidelines make it easier to qualify for your mortgage

  • Flexibility with your debt-to-income ratio. Your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) is a comparison of your future housing expenses and your monthly debt obligations versus how much you earn. DTI is key in helping lenders determine whether a borrower qualifies for a mortgage. You can qualify for an Advantis Physician Home Loan with a DTI of up to 43% of your pre-tax monthly income, higher than what most other lenders allow. In addition, we allow financing for members with credit scores as low as 680.

  • Lower cash reserves required. Many low-down-payment programs require cash reserves equal to six months of your mortgage payment. Our Physician Home Loan program requires cash reserves equal to only two months of mortgage payments. This means you need much less in savings on hand to qualify for your mortgage loan.

  • Flexibility in considering student loan debt. Other lenders may view your student debt as a liability, which can be a potential obstacle to getting qualified for a mortgage loan. Advantis can exclude your student loan payments from your total monthly debt obligation if those payments have been deferred for a minimum of 12 months after the loan closing date. This potentially makes it easier to qualify for a mortgage, even if you have higher student loan debt.

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Property restrictions and other conditions apply. Contact a mortgage officer for details. For all dwelling-secured loans, hazard insurance is required and flood insurance may be required. All loans are subject to underwriting approval.