Woman working with paperwork scattered on her desk.


Go green and get paperless


Make a statement—switch to eStatements

Reduce your paper clutter, help the environment, and get your monthly statements faster and safer on your computer with eStatements from Advantis. Your statements will be organized and made available to you immediately after you log in to your Online Banking account.

The good stuff

  • Easily access your eStatements anytime
  • Reduce clutter and save paper
  • Protect your personal information from theft

Let’s dig deeper

Keep more efficient records. Your eStatements are organized by month, stored for two years and available to print 24/7.

Access your statements immediately. Get an email notification when your eStatement is posted. Then log in and get instant access. No more waiting for snail mail.

Improve your security. eStatements help reduce the risk of mail fraud and identity theft by reducing paper that includes your personal information.

Start getting eStatements—it’s quick and easy

  1. Log in to Online Banking.
  2. Click on the Accounts widget on the left (it may be located under the More… option).
  3. Click on the eStatements tab.
  4. If you’re already registered, you’ll see a new window that shows your eStatements.
    - If you’re not registered, you’ll see a Statement Settings box. Read the preamble, then click the white Subscribe button
  5. The next screen will test whether you can view PDF files on your computer. Click the “Open PDF” link to see the 5-character Verification Code, then type that code into the Verification Code box at the bottom of the screen. Then click the “Subscribe” button.
    You only have to go through this process once.
Once you’ve completed this one-time registration process, you’ll be able to access your eStatements in Online Banking whenever you login.