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Pay all your bills easily in one place

Bill Pay

Skip the stamps and pay your bills online

With Bill Pay you can pay your bills online for free, which means more time doing the things you enjoy and less time writing checks and licking stamps. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your bills are paid securely and on time.

The good stuff

  • Pay your bills online for free, with no transaction or monthly fees
  • Schedule one time or reoccurring payments
  • Pay your Advantis mortgage, loans and credit cards instantly
  • Make secure payments online to keep your personal information safe

Let’s dig deeper

Keep it all together

Bill Pay is a convenient feature available in Online Banking and our mobile banking app that allows you to consolidate all your payments in one place. No need to remember all of those logins, simply login to online banking and click the Bill Pay tab.

Skip the late fees
Save money by setting up reoccurring automatic payments and never worry about missing a payment again.

Safe and secure
Your account information is encrypted which makes sending online payments safer than sending a personal check in the mail.

Easy to use
Our Bill Pay system is easy to use and easy to setup. 

Get started with Bill Pay today!

Just login to online banking, click the Bill Pay icon, then click “Register” and follow a few steps to get started.

Here are the highlights

  • The Quick Pay tab lets you make a one-time payment to a payee as quickly and efficiently as possible. Then, submit.
  • The Multi pay tab allows you to pay several payees from a single page.
  • Under the Classic pay tab, you can schedule single and recurring payments to the selected payee. This tab is similar to the Transfers widget to provide you with a consistent experience.
  • In the Scheduled tab, you can see your scheduled payments in both a calendar view, as well as in a chronological list.
  • The History tab shows all past payments, as well as any payments that were scheduled and failed or were cancelled. The Bill Pay widget displays up to two years of payment history.
  • Under the Payee tab, you can add, delete or edit payee details. You can also set a default funding account for each individual payee in the details section on the Payee tab. You will need to choose an Advantis Checking account to fund your payments.

Manage your bills on the go

You can do almost everything on the Advantis Mobile App that you can do on your desktop. Schedule single payments, manage payees, and more, right from your phone. We will add the ability to schedule recurring payments via our Mobile App in a future update.