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Account access is just a phone call away

Telephone Teller

24 hour telephone teller – Meet Marty

Call Marty, our telephone teller, any time. You can do nearly everything over the phone that you can do with Online Banking. So when it isn’t convenient to log in, just call Marty for access from anywhere. Review your account information and perform most financial transactions with a touch of your keypad or by speaking your answers. Telephone banking services are available in English and Spanish.

With Marty, you can:
  • Review your deposit and loan balances
  • See whether checks have cleared
  • Transfer money between deposit accounts
  • Make loan payments from savings or checking
  • Transfer money from a line of credit
  • Request a withdrawal check

Get started with Telephone Banking now

Simply call 503-785-2528 (or toll-free 800-547-5532) to get set up to use Marty.