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Make your money go where it needs to be


Moving your money has never been easier

 Click the Transfers icon on the left after you login to Online Banking to move funds between your Advantis accounts, to other Advantis members, and even to accounts and people at other financial institutions. Plus, you’ll find simple options for paying your Advantis loans.

The good stuff

  • Transfer to and from your Advantis accounts
  • Make one time transfers or schedule a transfer in advance
  • Pay your Advantis mortgage, loan or credit card
  • Make a transfer to an account at another financial institution 

Let’s dig deeper

The Transfer widget includes four tabs:

  1. Quick – Make transfers to and from any of your Advantis accounts

  2. Classic – Set up recurring transfers:
    - Make payments to your Advantis loan
    - Take an advance from your Advantis line of credit
    - Make instant transfers to other Advantis members - no need to visit a branch!
    - Transfer money to accounts at other financial institutions

  3. Scheduled – View and change transfers that you’ve scheduled

  4. History – View details of all recent transfers