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Low rates, straightforward terms, and local service

Our cards help you save, and reach your financial goals faster.
What’s not to like?

When you switch to an Advantis Visa credit card, you get more than a boost in your spending power. You get easy-to-understand terms, a low rate, no (or low) account fees, and no balance transfer fees. You also get the peace of mind that comes with security features like card protection, purchase alerts, and an EMV chip. Plus you can make easy and secure payments with Mobile Wallet.

With our credit cards you can:

  • Choose a low cost way to borrow, with rates as low as 8.40% APR1
  • Enjoy credit limits up to $50,000 (for qualified borrowers)
  • Transfer your balance from another bank and you may lower your interest rate and save money!
  • Pay no balance transfer fees and no annual fees (on Visa Platinum)**
  • Get security features that help protect your account and keep you safe
  • Get peace of mind when you use your Visa as overdraft protection for your Advantis Checking Account**
  • Access cash for emergencies without paying a cash advance fee**


Enjoy all the perks

lock icon Feel secure with our no-fee card protection.
You enjoy the savings. We'll help you keep your credit card secure. We continually monitor our members’ credit cards for fraud and alert you of any suspicious activity.

Mobile phone icon
Add your Advantis cards to Mobile Wallet
You can make quick and secure payments (at participating retailers) with your smartphone or tablet and your Advantis cards! No need to pull your Advantis card from your wallet, no signing, no pin entering –just tap your mobile device to pay! Learn more about Mobile Wallet 
Warning icon Visa Purchase Alerts
You can register your Visa debit or credit card to receive purchase alerts by email and/or text message when the transaction is processed through one of Visa’s networks: VisaNet, Interlink or the Plus Network. You select the notification service and levels that work for you.  Learn more and register now

Credit card icon Replace your lost or stolen Advantis Visa credit card at a branch
If you’re near an Advantis branch during business hours after you notify us of the loss of your Advantis Visa by phone (503-785-2528), you can walk in to the branch and get your card replaced immediately.


Self-serve card controls through MyCardInfo online portal

You can now login to MyCardInfo, a new and secure online portal that puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your credit card. You have all new options to control your card with just a tap or click! Note: we’ll be working in the future to link directly to MyCardInfo from inside Advantis Online Banking (so that only one login is required). Watch for more updates on this in the future.

MyCardInfo puts the following tools at your fingertips:

  • View account, balance, and transaction information
  • Set travel notifications
  • Dispute a transaction or report fraud
  • Request balance transfers (transfer those higher interest credit card balances to Advantis and save!)

Enroll now! Click “Login to MyCardInfo” below, then click “Enroll” and complete a quick registration process to login for the first time.



Great Low Rates

Credit Cards

Rates Effective 10/26/2017
Card Type Annual Percentage Rate1
Visa Platinum 8.40% to 17.40% Adjustable
1The APR is based on your credit qualifications and is subject to change after account opening at the discretion of the credit union. You will be notified of any changes to the APR. APR changes will not apply to balances outstanding at the time of the notice. There is no annual fee for the Visa Platinum. Foreign currency conversion fee of up to 1.00% may apply. Underwriting approval is required. All Visa accounts are subject to our Visa Credit Card agreement. We reserve the right to amend our agreement as permitted by law.

**Advances for overdraft protection, balance transfers and advances made by check are treated as cash advances. Interest accrues on a cash advance on the posting date. All Visa accounts are subject to our Visa Credit Card agreement. We reserve the right to amend our agreement as permitted by law

†Your cell phone carrier may charge a fee to send or receive a text message. Message and data rates may apply. Please check your mobile plan or contact your carrier for further information.

‡This service cannot alert you regarding purchase transactions routed through non-Visa networks. Visa Purchase Alerts work with VisaNet, Interlink and Plus networks.


Compare our credit card options

 Visa Platinum
Apply Now!
Best For: 
  • Higher balances
  • Balance transfers

Credit Limit:   $5,000-$50,000
Annual Fee No annual fee
Balance Transfer Fee:  No fee
Annual Percentage Rate*: See our low rates
Rewards Program:  N/A


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my card?
If you recently received a new Advantis Visa card, you can securely activate it online or by phone at:

What if my card is lost or stolen?

Losing or having ATM or Visa cards stolen can be traumatic if you're not prepared. We have created this checklist to let you know what to do if such an unfortunate event happens to you. You will want to notify us immediately that your card has been lost or stolen.

  • Call Advantis at 503-785-2528 or 800-547-5532, 9:00am-5:30pm to report your stolen card.
  • If you’re near an Advantis branch during business hours after you notify us of your loss, you can walk in to the branch and get your card replaced immediately.
ATM Cards: Call 503-785-2528. We will contact you the next business day.

Only the card reported lost/stolen will be blocked. 

You should call your local police department and report your loss. Record the case number of your report, as well as the name of the officer taking the report. We may ask you for this information.

What do I do if I think someone has stolen my identity?
If you think you may be a victim of identity theft visit our identity theft page more information. If you have further questions or would like to speak to a Member Service Representative, please call us at 503-785-2528 or email us.

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