person in a bike store making a purchase using their smart phone


Shop on the go with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

Mobile Wallet

Your Advantis card and your device can be perfect payment partners

Pay with just a tap
You can make instant and secure payments (at participating retailers) with your Advantis debit and credit card accounts on your Apple, Android, Google or Samsung device. You don’t need to get your Advantis card out of your wallet, sign a receipt, or enter your PIN – just tap your mobile device to pay!

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Get set up easily
You can set up your Advantis card in the mobile wallet for your Apple, Android, Google or Samsung device in just a few minutes. Just download the payment app for your specific device and follow the instructions to add your card! 

Make payments virtually anywhere
Whether you’re using an Apple, Android, Google or Samsung device, you’ll be able to use your Advantis card with that device to pay at a variety of stores, websites, and apps.

Keep your account information secure
Mobile wallet for Apple, Android, Google or Samsung lets you keep your Advantis credit or debit card number secure when you make a payment. With mobile payments, a unique, encrypted number is created to process each payment. Merchants who accept these mobile payments never see your name or get access to your actual card number, which keeps your account information protected.