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Financial Education Center

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You have important goals you want to reach – or improvements you want to make in your financial life. We can help you get there. With our 100% online Financial Education Center, you can watch short and interactive videos on a variety of topics to help you improve your financial life.

With our Financial Education Center you can:

  • Get personal financial learning for FREE.
  • Use our features to dive in. Watch short videos that include interactive infographics, calculators, and mini-quizzes to get a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Learn your way. Choose whatever topics you like and go at your own pace.
  • Learn from anywhere. Get to your learning modules from your home, local café or favorite study spot.
  • Use any device. Access the Center from your laptop, mobile device or tablet


Go directly to the topic you need

Ready to dive into a particular topic? Simply click or tap any option below to go directly to the online learning module you need:

Saving and Budgeting
Savings Accounts and Savings Goals
Building Emergency Savings
Building a Budget

Checking Accounts and Payments
Managing a Checking Account
How to Use Mobile Payments
Understanding and Avoiding Overdrafts
Using Prepaid Cards

Loans and Credit Scores
Choosing and Managing a Credit Card
Understanding and Improving Your Credit Score
Understanding Auto Loans
Understanding Payday Loans

Home Buying and Mortgages
Considering Home Ownership
Understanding Mortgage Loans
Mortgage Modifications and Avoiding Foreclosure

Retirement, Investments, and Insurance
Retirement 101
Understanding and Managing Investments
Estate Planning
Understanding Insurance
When to Collect Social Security

Understanding Taxes

Protecting Your Financial Life
Identity and Fraud Protection

About Credit Unions
Benefits of a Credit Union

Prefer to attend an in-person workshop?

If in-person classroom learning is your thing, you can attend a free financial workshop at an Advantis branch.  Advantis offers free financial seminars on a variety of topics, from budgeting, improving your credit score, reducing credit card debt to buying your first home - and many more. Check out our latest schedule of upcoming workshops