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Limited income or savings? No problem.

Home Possible® Mortgages

Limited income or savings? We can help.

This mortgage makes a new home possible for borrowers who have limited funds available for a down payment and income that is at or below the median household income in their area. Our Home Possible Mortgage program is also an excellent option for first-time homebuyers.

With our Home Possible® Mortgage you can:
  • Pay as little as 3% down
  • Borrow up to $766,550
  • Make a down payment using a wider variety of funding sources
  • Choose from fixed rate or adjustable rate loan options
  • Pay lower mortgage insurance premiums
  • Enjoy more flexible underwriting guidelines

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Let’s dig a little deeper

Pay as little as 3% down (and enjoy more flexibility).
Lenders often require 5% to 10% down when buying a new home and have strict rules regarding the source of your down payment funds. With the Advantis Home Possible Mortgage, you can pay as little as 3% down, and your down payment can come from a wider variety of sources, including cash gifted from your family, employer-assistance programs, secondary financing, and more.  

You choose the loan term that’s best for you.
Depending on the Home Possible Mortgage Program you choose, you’ll have the flexibility to select from either shorter-term or longer-term fixed rate mortgages, as well as a variety of adjustable rate mortgages. After you apply, your Advantis mortgage loan officer can help you determine the best loan option to fit your needs.

Who’s eligible for the Advantis Home Possible Mortgage?
If your annual income is at or below the median household income in your area, you’re likely eligible for the Home Possible Mortgage program. For borrowers living in Portland, Oregon, the Home Possible income limit is currently $91,520. If you have questions about the income limit for your area, please contact an Advantis Mortgage Officer.

Save more with lower mortgage insurance costs.
Borrowers buying a home with our Home Possible program typically pay lower monthly mortgage insurance payments than most other types of mortgage loans. This can add up to significant savings each month! Your Advantis mortgage loan officer will help you determine what your specific mortgage insurance payments will be.

We'll be your helpful guide—from here to "Hello new home."
Buying a new home can feel overwhelming, so we do everything possible to lessen the stress and make it feel simple and easy. You'll have the constant guidance of a Portland-based mortgage expert to help you from application to keys in hand. Meet our mortgage team.

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We’ve shared some key concepts to know before you apply for a mortgage or shop for a new home.

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Use our mortgage calculators to get a general idea of what your loan payments may be, or for a more comprehensive breakdown, get an instant online quote that will estimate your rate, payments, and fees on a variety of mortgage options.

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Property restrictions and other conditions apply. Contact a mortgage officer for details. For all dwelling-secured loans, hazard insurance is required and flood insurance may be required. All loans are subject to underwriting approval.