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Important information for bill pay users

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We’re upgrading to a more robust electronic bill pay tool as part of our online banking upgrade.

  • Your existing payees and scheduled payments should have transferred automatically into the new system, however, we ask that you confirm that this information is correct. Select ‘Get Started Now’ to view your payees the first time you login.
  • The eBills feature is available in our new system. Your payee information should have transferred to our new system, however, to protect your account security you will need to setup eBills again. Simply log in to online banking, choose "Bill Pay", click "Setup eBills" directly below the payee information, enter your online login credentials for the vendor’s website, and you’re done. It’s quick and easy!

Explore our new bill pay system:

1. Bills & Payments tab:
  • Add new payees – simply type the company or person to pay and click “Add” to get started
  • Make payments – enter the amount you want to pay next to any payee and schedule the “deliver by” date
  • Setup recurring payments – simply click “autopay” under any payee and choose from several scheduling options
  • Setup e-bills – get monthly bill delivered electronically so you can view and pay immediately (available from select companies)
  • Send expedited payments – make a same day electronic payment or overnight a paper check (for a fee)
  • View pending payments and payments recently processed
2. Payment Records tab:
  • View your bill payment history – simply click “View Reports”
  • Search specific payee history – simply click “Search Records”
  • Manage your payees into spending categories
3. Administration tab: Review a list of your funding accounts or contact member services

4. Help tab:
  • Use the “How do I” feature to get tips and instructions for completing virtually any task
  • Review Frequently Asked Questions for help
Get Started with Advantis Bill Pay:
Simply click the “Bill Pay” icon, click “register” and follow a few steps to get started!

Bill Pay Screen