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Get id-goTM for Advantis

Safe and simple identity verification

Say hello to id-go for Advantis, a smartphone app to simplify and strengthen account security.

Take control of your identity verification, save time and easily authenticate your identity without sharing a ton of personal information.

Verify with one touch

Now, when you interact with the credit union, for most requests, you won’t need to answer questions or share sensitive data in order to verify your identity. Instead, activate id-go and confirm yourself simply by using your smartphone’s secure bio-metrics (Face ID/Touch ID).

id-go is currently available for Apple iPhone 6S and newer, running 12.2 iOS or newer. Watch for id-go for Android coming soon.

Keep it simple, keep it safe

You’ll just need an unexpired photo state issued ID or driver’s license and a smartphone with biometrics (Face ID/Touch ID) enabled in order to activate id-go for Advantis. See how easy it is to get started.

  1. Download the free id-go for Advantis app from your smartphone app store.
  2. Call Advantis to receive an authorization code to activate the app.
  3. Verify your identity and device to create your id-go, and you’re all set.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are steps in the app to create id-go?

Q:  How do I get an id-go?

A:  Call us at 503-785-2528 M-F 8am to 6pm

Q:  What should I do if I think someone has access to my id-go?

A:  Call Advantis immediately.

Q:  Where can I use my id-go to authenticate my identity besides Advantis?

A:  Currently id-go is only able to be used at Advantis.

Q:  Do I need a smartphone to use id-go?

A:  Yes, id-go utilizes biometrics and security technologies available in today’s smartphones to enable a secure process for identity verification and authentication.

Q:  Does it cost anything for me to use id-go?

A:  This a service being offered to our members at no additional cost.

Q:  What type of smartphones can I use for id-go?

A:  Currently the id-go is only available for Apple iPhone 6S and newer, running 12.2 iOS or newer.  While it is not currently available for Android development is underway and we hope to offer it in Q2 2021.

Q:  Do I need to keep the app on my phone to use id-go?

A:  Yes, we will send notifications to the app to verify your identity.

Q:  What can I use id-go for?

A:  Currently you can use it when calling into Advantis.  In the future, you will also be able to use it when visiting a branch or having conversations via chat.

Q:  How secure is id-go?

A:  id-go is designed to be highly secure by utilizing security technology including biometrics and cryptography that is built in to today’s smartphones. The design of id-go leverages these technologies to protect your personally identifiable information (PII) and enable you to share this with only those enterprises that you choose to share it with.

Q:  Is my personal information sold?

A:  Cozera takes securely protecting personally identifiable information seriously and does not sell your information to any other party.

 Q:  Do I have to use biometrics?

A:  Yes, biometrics being enabled is a requirement for using id-go as this is a secure method built into today’s smartphones to authenticate a unique person’s identity.

Q:  Is there a minimum age for id-go?

A:   Yes, users must be at least 18 years or older to be able to agree to the id-go Cozera privacy policy and terms and conditions.


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