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Free checking that pays you unlimited cash back

With our free, unlimited Cashback Checking account, you spend money, you make money. Just sign up for eStatements. There’s really no other requirement. Plus, when you open a checking account, plus one qualifying product within the first six months of opening your membership, we’ll thank you with a $100 new member bonus.* 

With Cashback Checking you:

  • Earn unlimited cash back when you register for eStatements and spend just $3 or more with your debit card
  • Pay no monthly maintenance fee, ever 
  • Have no minimum required balance



By the way, there's no complicated cash back redemption process.
Cash back is automatically deposited into your account on the first day of the month following the close of the account cycle.* Bank with our free, unlimited Cashback Checking. It’s easy, super rewarding, and hassle-free.


Enjoy all the perks

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Get your deposit up to two days early.

Advantis Early Payday™ is included free with every checking and savings account. Learn more

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Earn UNLIMITED cash back.

You’ll earn $0.10 for every debit purchase you make that's $3.00 or more. No limits. No caps. And, yes – your debit purchases include in-store, online, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay transactions.

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No minimum balance requirement. No worries.

Whether you have $1 or $25,000 in your account, you’ll still earn $0.10 for every debit purchase you make of $3.00 or more.

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Find an ATM near you.

With us you’re also part of our Co-op network, and you get access to 100+ surcharge free ATMs in PDX and 30,000+ nationwide.
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Bank anywhere, anytime.

Manage your accounts 100% online with Online Banking or our free mobile app.

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We make it easy to switch to an Advantis checking account with ClickSWITCH.

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Cashback Checking not for you?

No problem! We have a variety of other accounts to fit your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Why are eStatements required to earn cash back? 

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, Advantis must carefully control operational expenses, so we can return exceptional value to you. This value comes to you as lower- and no-fee services, better savings and loan rates, and – in this case – unlimited cash back. With more members using eStatements, we are able to lower our costs and return more financial value to you!

How do I enroll in eStatements?
That’s easy! After you open your account, log in to Online Banking via our homepage. After you're logged in, click Accounts. Then click eStatements, and register in seconds!

Get more info here.

What if I do not want to enroll in eStatements?
You can use your Cashback Checking account even if you choose to receive paper statements (and it will continue to be a free account). However, you will not earn cash back until you register for eStatements.

How do I earn cash back? Is it really unlimited?
Cashback Checking is special because it is not based on a percentage of spend. And yes, it’s truly unlimited! When you spend $3.00 or more with your Cashback Checking debit card, you earn $0.10 for every debit purchase you make. Cash back is calculated during a monthly cycle.* Debit purchases may be made in store, online, or through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay. There are NO limits to how much you can earn each month. 

How and when do I receive my cash back? What will it look like on my statement?
You do not need to redeem your cash back. This is an added benefit of the account (other financial institutions often require customers to "redeem" their cash back). The cash back you earn in any particular calendar month (your account cycle) is automatically posted to your Cashback Checking account on the first day of the following month. You will see a credit on your statement and in online banking. The credit is titled "REVERSE CHARGE RB – DEBIT CASHBACK". It looks like this:

 Reverse Charge Debit Cashback graphic


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*Your cash back will be posted to your Cashback Checking account on the first day of the month following the close of the account cycle. The account cycle runs from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. If you close your Cashback Checking account, you will not receive any cash back for purchases posted during the month you close your account. Only applicable to purchases made with your debit card tied to your Cashback Checking account. Minimum opening deposit is $25.00. Access to funds for Early Payday can be up to two days prior to date of scheduled payment and is dependent on submission of direct deposit by payer.