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Switch your checking to Advantis – it’s easy!

It’s easy to switch with ClickSWITCH

We make it easy to move your direct deposit(s) & recurring payments in just a few clicks

  • Securely switch direct deposits and recurring payments entirely online
  • No need to fill out paperwork
  • Track your switches and receive real time switch notifications


How ClickSWITCH works:


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Log into Online Banking.


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Select “Accounts & Loans,” select “ClickSWITCH & Direct Deposit Updater” and follow the prompts.


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All done!


Frequently Asked Questions

What accounts can I use ClickSWITCH for?
Currently, we offer ClickSWITCH to members with checking accounts to help them switch over their direct deposits and recurring payments.

What can ClickSWITCH help me do?
ClickSWITCH can switch your direct or automatic deposits, and recurring payments from your old financial institution to your Advantis Checking Account. 

I don’t have an activation code. How do I get one?
You can get an activation code by sending a message through the Message Center in Online Banking, calling us at 503-785-2528 or by visiting a branch.

I don't have access to my Online Banking. Can I still use ClickSWITCH?
Of Course! Log in to ClickSWITCH using your SwitchTRACK Activation code Request to switch your direct deposits and recurring payments in a few clicks (or taps on your phone).

How long will it take for me to switch my payments?
It may take anywhere from two weeks to 30 days for your direct deposits and recurring payments to get switched over to Advantis depending on the financial institution, merchant, or organization involved. You can review your switch status page for the progress of each switch.

How do I know my payment has been switched?
You can check your switch status by looking at the “Status” column of your ClickSWITCH account. Switches that have been completed and confirmed by your payee will display a “Completed” status. Switches that are still in process will display a “Mailed” status. If your switch has a mailed status for 10 days or more, we recommend you reach out to your payee to confirm the switch has been completed, as some billers may not update the status in our system.

What if I need help or have a question?
You can send us a message through the Message Center in Online Banking, give us a call at 503-785-2528 or visit a branch for help.


Get started:

All you need to get started is your activation code, and paper bills or online statements for any payments you’d like to switch.

Start switching 

Don’t have an activation code?

Call us today at 503-785-2528 (Mon - Fri, 8AM - 6PM) or visit a branch to get your SwitchTRACK Activation code.