Because everyone deserves access to financial wellness

Free, simple checking with no overdraft fees

Access Checking is ideal if you’re looking for a free and simple checking account with no overdraft fees, or if you could use some help achieving and maintaining financial wellness. 

Spend only what you have

Bank On Access Checking Certification sealWith Access Checking, we won’t authorize your transactions unless you have enough funds available to cover them, reducing the risk of overdrawing your account. And if an overdraft does occur, you won’t be charged overdraft fees.

Free, easy, accessible

With minimal account qualifications, Access Checking is perfect if you’re new to banking, or if you’ve experienced account or credit challenges in the past. And it’s a smart choice if you prefer to keep lower balances and carefully manage your finances.

  • Free, no overdraft fees
  • No fees to cash checks, send money using Zelle ®, or to use an Advantis ATM
  • Just $5 to open, with no balance requirements

Bank On certified

Access Checking is certified as meeting Bank On National Account Standards for a safe, affordable, and inclusive account with no overdraft fees.

Enjoy these perks

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Get your deposit up to two days early

Advantis Early Payday™ is included free with every checking and savings account. Learn more.

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Bank anywhere, anytime

Manage your accounts 100% online with our free Advantis Mobile Banking app.

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Find an ATM near you

As part of our Co-op network, you get access to more than 100 surcharge-free ATMs in PDX and 30,000+ nationwide.

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Always free, no matter what

Unlike many big banks, Advantis charges you no monthly fee. 

A better way to bank

Access Checking is just one more way we give our members a better way to bank. When you choose Advantis, you enable us to invest even more in our shared community.

  • We’re not-for-profit, so our members benefit from better rates and more free services.
  • Advantis is local, so we keep your money here, doing good for your community.
  • We continually volunteer, donate, and support local DEI initiatives across our community and in our workplace. Learn more about our Advantis community impact and DEI initiatives.

Access Checking not for you?

No problem! We have a variety of other accounts to fit your needs.

See all of our checking options.


Boost your money smarts with free online learning

After you open your Access Checking account, we’ll email you three short videos that will help you learn all the basics when it comes to your finances. Check them out below.

Managing Your Checking Account learning module
How to Budget learning module

Want to keep learning now?  Watch more videos:

Financial Education Center

And enjoy a free financial wellness checkup

Once you’ve opened your Access Checking account, we’ll send you an invitation to schedule a free financial wellness checkup with an Advantis Relationship Manager. It’s a great way to start developing smart, healthy, and lasting financial habits. Consultation topics include:

  • Building credit
  • Consolidating debt
  • Creating and following a budget
  • Using digital tools to manage your money
  • Reviewing your financial wellness and goals

Bank from your phone – anywhere, anytime

Manage your money and accounts with our mobile app.
  • Check your balance and transfer money in seconds
  • Deposit your checks from your phone, anytime
  • Set up account alerts
  • Use Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, Google Pay™ with your debit card
  • Monitor and manage your credit score for free
  • Track your spending and set savings goals

Learn more about Advantis Online & Mobile Banking:

Online & Mobile Banking

Mobile app on a mobile phone


Frequently asked questions


Can I overdraw my Access Checking account?

It’s possible, but we won't authorize transactions when you don't have enough money in your account to cover them, reducing the risk that you overdraw your account. We also won’t pay any checks you write unless your available balance is sufficient to cover them.

However, there are some situations beyond our control that may cause you to overdraw your account. These typically occur when a transaction posts for more than the authorized amount or when an intervening transaction reduces the available balance in your account.

  • For example, if you add a tip to a transaction after we've approved the transaction without the tip, the addition of the tip may cause the transaction to exceed the available balance in your account, causing you to be overdrawn.
  • Or if we credit a deposit that is later returned unpaid, you may see a negative balance in your account.

If these, or other similar situations occur, we won't assess an overdraft fee, but you would need to repay the negative amount promptly.

Can I write checks on my Access Checking account?

Yes, there are no restrictions on check writing for Access Checking accounts. Checks can be ordered for a cost.

Can I convert my Access Checking account to another Advantis personal checking account?

Yes. If Access Checking was the only account you qualified for at account opening, you may be eligible to convert your account to another Advantis personal checking account after six months of account ownership in good standing. If, at time of account opening, you qualified for other Advantis personal checking accounts, you are eligible to convert your account at any time.

Does Access Checking also serve as a second-chance checking account?

Yes, while Access Checking is a great account for everyone, it can also be considered a second-chance checking account, which provides a great opportunity for members unable to open standard accounts due to past credit or banking history.

How is this account more accessible, and what are the opening qualifications?

We believe everyone deserves access to financial freedom, so this account has minimal opening qualifications, and is perfect for those who have had past account or credit challenges.

Members who have a ChexSystems history of owing money to another financial institution will not be required to repay the debt before being eligible to open an Access Checking account if the total owed is less than $500, not due to fraud activity on the account, and is from a single financial institution. However, you will need to repay any past debt owed to Advantis.

Will I have to pay fees to use an ATM?

Advantis will not charge a fee if you use our ATM or another ATM in the Co-op network. Most credit unions are members of Co-op, but you should always look for the Co-op sign on the ATM to avoid fees. We will charge you a fee for each subsequent transaction if you make more than five transactions per month at an ATM outside the Co-op network. You may also be charged a fee by another financial institution if you use a non-Advantis ATM or a non-Co-op ATM. If another financial institution charges a fee for making a transaction at their ATM, you will be notified and be given the opportunity to cancel the ATM transaction.


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Courtesy Pay (Discretionary Overdraft) is not available on this account. Any items presented for payment on this account will be returned unpaid or declined if the available balance in the account is not sufficient to pay the item. Zelle® and the Zelle®-related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license. Terms and conditions apply. Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Google Pay is a trademark of Google Inc. Samsung Pay is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Access to funds for Early Payday can be up to two days prior to date of scheduled payment and is dependent on submission of direct deposit by payer.