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Empowering our employees

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We’re Passionate Advocates

We love what we do

At Advantis, we're passionate advocates for our members' financial success. Our tagline “With us you can!” reflects our passion for helping our members succeed - and we are just as committed to helping our employees succeed. You’ll find opportunities for personal growth, meaningful work, and proud recognition of accomplishments. We work with passion and purpose, and empower our employees to do the right thing. 

Our values are the foundation of our dynamic culture.  With Us You Can!

  • Advocate for the member
  • Give your best
  • Make work fun
Indifference isn’t our thing.  Going through the motions? That doesn’t work for us either – we don’t do “meh.”  That’s because at Advantis, we love what we do, and it shows. 
  • One team, one mission
  • Everyone participates – no spectators
  • Encourage and support each other
  • Celebrate accomplishments
There is no “I” in “team.” At Advantis, everyone plays a crucial role in our mutual success. We share the same values and goals, so everyone’s collective participation and efforts make the difference. We believe that both collaboration and employee support go a long way, and that lifting up just one individual will lift up the entire team.
  • Own it
  • Take pride in all you do
  • Deliver value
  • Do the right thing
It’s pretty simple:  when you own something you care more.  Like way more.  It’s not only our members who own our credit union, our employees take ownership, too.  We have a sense of pride in everything we do.  We place a priority on working with purpose, integrity and empowerment, all through action that assures every member feels uniquely valuable to us.

  • Be innovative
  • Question the status quo
  • Embrace change
We recognize that we can each be creative in our everyday actions. So, we celebrate challenging the status quo, breaking away from tradition, and finding ways to do things better. From overhauling a long-standing process to testing new technology, we seek ways to evolve and innovate to serve our members more efficiently and creatively.

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