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We love what we do

Advantis - Our Team, Our Culture

Advantis values bring out the best in us

These values are the foundation of our credit union. They’re the simple, guiding principles that align us and give purpose to what we do and how we work.

As Advantis continues to grow and learn, we’ll ensure that our values expand and evolve to meet the needs of our members, employees, partners, and communities.

Our personal ideals and principles form our collective passion as an organization and inspire us to show up daily in service of fellow employees and members. Which means we always:

  • Aim for extraordinary
  • Let the good guide us
  • Honor and celebrate
  • Engage our heads and hearts

We’re curious, resourceful, and flexible. We act with integrity every time. Positivity is second nature, responsibility our stock-in-trade. We don’t give up or pass the buck. Instead, we choose to:

  • Take ownership
  • Inspire others
  • Act with purpose
  • Challenge the status quo

We play nice together—always. Asking for help is a sign of strength, so we don’t hesitate. Change? We march right up and embrace it. Obviously, we’re drawn to people who will consistently:

  • Be honest and kind
  • Build trusted partnerships
  • Listen and evolve together
  • Embrace one team, one vision

We are stronger, smarter, bolder, and more effective because we’re in this thing together. Our touchstones are inclusion and acceptance. We catch lightning in a bottle each time we:

  • Celebrate differences
  • Lead with compassion
  • Remain authentic
  • Make others welcome

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