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Regular, Youth & Holiday Savings Accounts

Essential savings accounts for your exceptional plans and dreams

Put aside funds to reach your financial goals. Save up for holiday gifts or a tax payment. Open an account for your child to show them how to save. Advantis has the savings account you need to do all of that and more. Plus, you’ll enjoy excellent rates, 24/7 access to your account, and avoid monthly service fees.

With an Advantis savings account you can:
  • Save more with competitive rates
  • Open your account with just a $5 minimum deposit
  • Pay no monthly fees, no matter what
  • Use your account for overdraft protection for your Advantis checking account
  • Enjoy 24/7 access to your account through online and mobile banking
  • See our current savings rates

Learn about our savings account options: 

As a member (or future member) of Advantis, your regular (share) savings account represents your ownership of our cooperative credit union! It also helps you save with great rates and no monthly fee.

  • FREE - No monthly fee, no matter what
  • A regular (share) savings account comes standard with every Advantis membership – put it to good use!
  • Earn more as you reach certain balance thresholds with tiered interest rates
  • Enjoy 24/7 access to your account with over 30,000 surcharge-free CO-OP network ATMs, Online and Mobile Banking, mobile deposit, and in-branch
  • Use account for overdraft protection
  • See current savings rates

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Our Holiday and Tax Savings Account makes it easy for you to save for holiday shopping or travel or for next year’s tax payment. Our year-end funds transfer can give a great boost when you need it.

  • Make deposits anytime throughout the year, or save a recurring amount from your paycheck with direct deposit
  • Each November, we automatically transfer the full balance with interest (less the $0.01 required to keep the account open) into your Advantis checking account. If you don't have a checking account, we'll transfer it to your Regular Savings account
  • See current savings rates

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Advantis awards young members for saving by paying great rates and charging no monthly maintenance fee. Our Youth Savings Account gives your kids an ideal introduction to the basics of money management.

  • Open a FREE Youth Savings Account for your child, aged 17 and under; there is no monthly account fee, no matter what
  • Parent/guardian as the joint owner and party responsible for the account, so you can partner with your child on managing their account (and have full access to the account and statements)
  • A Youth Savings account helps children learn important money management skills, including understanding banking, budgeting, saving for goals, and more!
  • See current savings rates

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See how Advantis helps you earn more and save more:


Rates Effective 10/26/2017

Tier Annual Percentage Yield (APY)1
Regular Savings $0 - $499 0.00%

$500 - $2,499 0.05%

$2,500 - $9,999 0.05%

$10,000 or more 0.05%
Holiday and Tax Account $0 - $499 0.00%

$500 - $2,499 0.05%

$2,500 - $9,999 0.05%

$10,000 or more 0.05%
Youth Account n/a 0.05%
1The APY may change after account opening. Minimum amount to open a Savings, Youth Savings or Holiday and Tax Account is $5. Transaction restrictions apply.

Our Savings accounts come with lots of perks.

Enjoy all of these free extras when you open a Savings account:

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No problem! We have a variety of other accounts to fit your needs.

Banks are for-profit. Advantis Credit Union is for you.

Our saving accounts get you closer to your goals, because we’ve got your back.
Advantis is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, locally owned by our members. Which means instead of giving our earnings to corporate stockholders like banks do, we return them to our members in the form of better rates, lower fees, and more free services.

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