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You’re in charge with your High-Growth CD

Add-to Your CD anytime you want

Lock in more savings on your High-Growth CD

We make it easy! Stack up more savings when you make additional contributions – anytime you like!

Here’s how to Add-To your CD: 

Use the Transfer feature in Advantis Online Banking or our mobile app: 

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  1. Login to Online Banking
  2. Click or tap Transfer
  3. Transfer from an Advantis account, or choose From an external account (if you’d like to transfer funds from another financial institution to your Advantis CD)
  4. Set up a single transfer or an automatic recurring transfer, based on your needs

 If you have not contributed funds to your CD within the past 18 months, or if you want to add funds to an IRA CD, you will need to call us at 503-785-2528 during business hours. You can also visit a branch to complete your transfer.

Here are a few more transaction details:

There are NO limits when you Add-To your CD in-branch, by phone, or through secure email.

  1. Online Banking Transfers: Currently, on external transfers via Online Banking, there is a $10,000 daily and $20,000 monthly Add-To limit.
  2. Balance Considerations: If your additional deposits elevate your balance into a higher CD rate level, your rate of return will remain fixed at the rate associated with your initial deposit for the length of your initial term. Then, when you choose to renew your CD, you’ll automatically receive that new rate in the higher CD level.
  3. Business Certificates Status: Add-To is currently not available on Business Certificates. Thank you for your interest!

Make the most of your Add-To option!



Call 503-785-2528
(Monday - Friday, 8AM - 6PM)

*Add-to feature is not available on promotional CD’s. Early withdrawals are subject to fees and penalties. Federally Insured by NCUA.