GROW: The Advantis Community Fund
GROW: The Advantis Community Fund, is a $50,000 grant fund designed to provide nonprofit and service organizations with financial resources to address a wide range of needs and tackle challenges in the community, one project at a time.

Since 2011, the Advantis GROW Community Fund has contributed $200,000 to local organizations and funded more than 26 projects including creating community gardens for elementary students, refurbishing a home for foster children and providing kitchen equipment to an organization that feeds low-income adults with mental illnesses.

2014 GROW Grant Recipients 

Nonprofit organization:

Funds requested for:

Grant Amount Funded:

Cafe au Play

Cafe au Play is a community coffeehouse that encourages social interaction and provides sustainable support and creative stimulation

Grant will support the Barista Training Program that provides job skills training to high school students.


North Clackamas Education Foundation

North Clackamas Education Foundation provides educational opportunities to students in the North Clackamas School District by bridging the gap between district funding and the needs of students.

Grant will provide musical instruments for low-income students.


The Pixie Project

The Pixie Project is an animal rescue and adoption organization that also provides free and low cost spay and neutering services as well as veterinary assistance through their Pixie Care Clinic.

Grant will provide three permanent shelter kennels for dogs awaiting adoption.



Portland Institute for Contemporary Art acknowledges and advances new developments in contemporary art while supporting the creative explorations of local artists and audiences.

Grant will fund the youth programming portion of the Time-Based Art Festival.

Rose Haven

Rose Haven is a community center and day shelter serving women and children experiencing the trauma of abuse, loss of home and other disruptive life challenges.

Grant funding will provide paint and furnishings for Rose Haven’s hospitality, classroom and activity areas.


Trillium Family Services

Trillium provides mental and behavioral healthcare for Oregon’s most vulnerable children. Levels of care range from preventative community-based programs to intensive residential treatment with innovative practices such as equine, canine, and horticultural therapies.

Grant will support access to safe recreation for Trillium’s clients including new basketball hoops and pouring new concrete sport courts.