How to Provide Proof of Vehicle Insurance

Provide Proof of Vehicle Insurance

You must provide proof of insurance coverage for your vehicle loan within 10 days of taking possession of your vehicle.

Please ask your agent to provide proof of coverage within 10 days by mail, fax, or phone:

  • Mail: Advantis Credit Union Insurance, P.O. Box 924407, Ft. Worth, TX 76124
  • Fax: 1-877-526-0463
  • Phone: 1-877-281-1018

You can also use our secure insurance submission portal to submit proof of insurance, check the status of your submission, or view the insurance history of your loan.

Please make sure your policy includes:

  1. Advantis Credit Union listed as Lien Holder/Loss Payee
  2. Lien Holder/Loss Payee address: 14405 Meyers Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045 
  3. Comprehensive and collision coverage with deductibles should not exceed $1,000
  4. Collateral (vehicle information) must match collateral on loan document
  5. Policy information must include policy number, policy period, deductibles, and company name
  6. Effective date of policy must be the day you took possession of the vehicle

If you do not provide proof of insurance coverage within 30 days, Advantis will purchase coverage and add the cost of the premium to your loan. The coverage we purchase may be more expensive and will only cover our interest in the collateral.