Learn about GROW

2016 Grow RecipientsLaunched in 2011, GROW is an annual fund established by Advantis Credit Union to help our neighborhoods grow stronger—one project at a time. GROW awards nonprofit organizations with funding for locally-identified needs, helping those organizations improve the quality of life in our community. Grants of up to $10,000 are awarded for short-term projects that provide long-term benefits.

Learn about our 2016 GROW recipients
The Advantis GROW fund is making an impact on our community. Six local nonprofit organizations received GROW grants in 2016, totaling $50,000 for projects right here in Portland. Learn more.

Selection Process and Timeline:

May 8th – June 7th: Application period

June 14th: Selection of Semi-Finalists
The Advantis GROW Selection Committee will review all applications and narrow to a list of semi-finalists

June 19th – July 7th:
 Online Public Vote to Help Determine Funded Projects
Public voting ends at 5:00 pm on July 7th

The public will be asked to vote online for the projects they feel offer the greatest benefits to our community, helping our selection committee to choose the final projects that will receive funding.

  • During the online voting phase, GROW semi-finalists are encouraged to reach out to their supporters and ask for their vote, providing a link to the GROW campaign to make voting simple.
  • Voting will take place on the Advantis Facebook page and the Advantis website
  • Advantis will also promote the voting process through our social media channels, communications to our membership, and through TV advertising
  • Participants may place one vote every 24 hours

July 10th: GROW Grant Recipients are Notified
Grant recipients will be notified by phone and an announcement will be made on the Advantis Facebook page and website.

Email us at grow@advantiscu.org. No phone calls please.