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Article: The Home Buying Process Simplified

The Home Buying Process Simplified

Buying a home can be confusing and time consuming. Here’s a breakdown of the process so you’ll know what to expect every step of the way.

  1. Document what you need—and want—in a new house.

  2. Select a real estate agent—ask for personal recommendations from family or friends, and interview agents before choosing the best fit. Once you’ve selected an agent, meet face to face to review the criteria defined in step one.

  3. Once your real estate agent sends you listings to review, select up to five houses for your first showing.

  4. Take good notes after visiting each property. It’s hard to remember which is which afterward.

  5. Once you find a property you like, revisit and ensure it’s what you want.

  6. When you’re ready to make an offer, sit down with your real estate agent to define your offer terms.

  7. Wait for a response.

  8. Counteroffer if necessary.

  9. When you’ve agreed on terms, schedule an inspection within three days.

  10. Visit a loan officer at Advantis Credit Union. We have great rates, and will walk you through all of your mortgage options.

  11. Your loan officer will walk you through the loan and signing process. Note: You’ll need to find and pay for your first year’s homeowners insurance at this time. 

  12. On closing day, take time to read the documents you’re signing. Don’t feel pressured to hurry.

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