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What's New

We are dedicated to ensuring you can easily manage your finances, and we understand that the ability to quickly and easily monitor transactions and analyze spending patterns is essential to achieving this. That’s why we’re preparing to release two new features that will make it easier than ever for you to monitor and analyze the transactions that post to your account.

We call them Transaction Enrichment and Financial Wellness, and here’s a summary of what they do:

Transaction Enrichment

Have you ever wished that your transaction descriptions were more readable, or that your transactions would automatically categorize themselves for you? We have, and Transaction Enrichment will do just that.

With Transaction Enrichment, every transaction that posts to your deposit or credit card accounts will feature simpler, more readable descriptions and will be automatically assigned an appropriate category. For example, a transaction with the description of “MCDONALD’S #2356 PORTLAND, OR 7483275273598” will be simplified to “McDonald’s” and will be automatically assigned the category “Restaurants/Dining”.

You will also be able to set up categorization rules for your transactions, in the event you want a certain transaction to always be assigned to a specific category.

Financial Wellness

We recognize that budgeting and managing your spending habits can be time consuming, and the new Financial Wellness widget is our first step to providing you more modern tools to make the process easier.

This initial release of the widget will provide a visual summary of categorized transactions across all of your accounts for a selected timeframe, and more features will be added in the future.

For now, you will be able to see a chart visualization that provides a breakdown of categorized expenses, a list of transactions for the selected accounts and time period (and their associated categories), and a list of your top spending categories.