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Pro Tip: Understanding joint accounts in Online Banking

Understanding joint accounts in Online & Mobile Banking

Understanding joint accounts in Online Banking


What accounts can I access? What about joint owners?
We've designed our Online and Mobile Banking to put all of your accounts at your fingertips - including accounts in which you or a loved one has joint ownership. What does this mean exactly? As a member, you can view and manage any account in which you have ownership, or signing authority (including joint ownership). And joint owners on your accounts enjoy the same privileges.

If a family member is not a joint owner on a particular account, they won't be able to see or access the account in Online Banking. If you would like to make someone a joint owner on an account, simply contact us!


OK, so how can I better organize how my accounts display?
If you have ownership on several accounts, you may feel like your dashboard or accounts view is a bit cluttered (especially with accounts you rarely view or access). It's easy to hide these accounts from view. Just login and click or tap "Settings", then "Accounts", and indicate which accounts you would like to hide. You can make these accounts visible again later by using the same process to unhide them.