PRO TIP: See ALL your accounts in one place

See ALL your accounts (even non-Advantis accounts) in one place

See ALL your accounts in one place

(Even non-Advantis Accounts)

Did you know you can now view all of your Advantis accounts AND all of your non-Advantis accounts in one place? In fact, you can see them in three places – your Online and Mobile Banking Dashboard, Accounts, and Budgets.

It’s so helpful and super convenient. Once you’ve added your non-Advantis accounts, your account details, transactions, and balances will automatically load each time you log in.

It’s quick and easy to set up:

  1. Log in to Advantis Online Banking on your desktop or laptop computer
  2. Go to SETTINGS
  3. Click the ACCOUNTS tab
  5. Follow a few simple prompts to finish linking your accounts
    Your external account details should automatically load the next time you log in


Try it now


Note: For your security, access to your external accounts in Advantis Online Banking is “read only.” You’ll still need to log in to your other financial institution’s website to make a transaction or a change to that account. Currently, you must add accounts from your desktop or laptop computer, but you can view them on mobile, desktop, and laptop devices. Look forward to future mobile support upgrades that will allow you to add external accounts through the Advantis mobile banking app.