Prevent Identity Theft When Traveling

Prevent Identity Theft When Traveling

As you make your travel plans, plan how you’ll keep your personal information safe. When you’re away from home, distractions become opportunities for thieves who are looking for ways to steal your identity. Don’t let them ruin your vacation.

Take these simple steps before you travel:

  • Have your mail collected or held at the post office.
  • Don’t blog, tweet, or post your travel plans on social networking sites.
  • Decide which credit cards you'll take (as few as possible) and how you'll stash a backup in case one is lost, stolen, or canceled.
  • Contact Advantis Credit Union and other credit card issuers to notify them that you’ll be traveling out of the area.
  • Make a list of important phone numbers, including the numbers of Advantis Credit Union and other credit card issuers.
  • At home, make sure your financial documents aren’t sitting in plain view.

Take these steps when traveling:

  • Don’t carry extra credit cards or personal information (Social Security number, etc) in your wallet or purse unless necessary.
  • Never leave your purse or wallet unattended.
  • Beware of distractions. Criminals create or take advantage of distractions and then try to steal your personal items.
  • Assume public wireless establishments aren’t secure—don’t enter passwords or financial account information when using a public wireless “hot spot” or cyber café.
  • Use cash when possible.
  • Confirm credit card numbers in person at hotels instead of over the phone.