Exciting upgrades coming to digital banking

Digital Banking Upgrades

The digital banking you enjoy, with new features

Advantis members will continue to enjoy the same online and mobile banking experience following the merger with Rivermark, along with some welcome upgrades.

This means the features you’ve come to know and love, as well as important pieces like your username, scheduled transfers/payments, and bill payees will all remain intact.

Members can also look forward to all of the following new features being accessible within the mobile app or via online banking:

Transfers and account tools

  • Instant external transfers - Make instant transfers from your account with us to your account with another financial institution
  • Overdraft protection - View and update overdraft protection options in real time.
  • Courtesy pay - Easily enroll or unenroll to meet your needs.
  • Maturing CDs - Use self-serve to roll over a CD or deposit funds into another account.

Debit and credit cards

  • Credit card rewards - Review and redeem without going to a third-party site; you’ll have the option to redeem and donate directly to a charity.
  • Apple and Google wallet - Automatically load cards into your digital wallets, with just a push of a button.
  • Card visibility - Review list of merchants where your card is on file.
  • Update your PIN - Quickly and easily update on the go.
  • Credit card payments & history - With the merger, we’ll be working to bring our credit cards back in house, which means the running loan balance will return, and payments will post immediately.

Loans and external mortgages

  • Mortgages serviced by Midwest - View your external mortgage on the accounts dashboard, see payment history, and make payments from the transfers widget, all without having to log into a third-party site.
  • Self-serve skip payments - Enjoy faster turnaround with self-serve skip-a-payment on qualifying loans.
  • Loan payoff calculator - Generate your loan payoff amount on the spot.

In the meantime

With so many exciting upgrades, it’s important to remember all that won’t change, including the digital banking experience you enjoy, the personal service you expect, the employees you love, and the pride you feel in choosing a local not-for-profit financial co-op rather than a big bank.

*New features may have minimum qualification requirements and may not be available to all members.