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Article: Shopping for Cars Online

Shopping for Cars Online

Almost two-thirds of new car buyers do homework first on the Internet. Here are some tips for doing car research online:

  1. Explore your choices. If you have an idea of what you want – maybe a small SUV or a mid-size sedan – start by clicking on a category at Edmunds.com for choices and their list prices. You may be asked to provide your zip code to help locate deals in your area, but you can also continue on without providing it.

  2. Check safety records. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives crash test results at nhtsa.gov. See how vehicles fared in 40 m.p.h. crashes at iihs.org.

  3. Find out the real price. Automotive manufacturer and dealer sites give the list price or manufacturer's suggested retail price, which they may come down on if you haggle. Instead, you want to know the dealer's invoice price and negotiate up from there. Also, any manufacturer's rebate comes off your agreed price. For invoice pricing and current rebates, go to  Edmunds.comkbb.com, cars.com, or carsdirect.com. Combine a rebate with low credit union rates and you can have the best of both worlds.

  4. Locate that vehicle near you. Find a local dealer's website by putting the name into a search engine such as Google.com or Yahoo.com. About 70% of dealers post their inventories on their websites.

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