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Advantis alerts help protect against fraudulent activity

Advantis alerts help protect against fraudulent activity

Stay alert and stay safe online

From shopping to banking, we’re all spending a lot more time online these days. Unfortunately, so are the scammers and fraudsters. And they’re using increasingly sophisticated tactics to masquerade as legitimate business inquires. Our highest priority is the security of your accounts and your personal information. Here are some important reminders to protect your account against fraud.

Do not respond to fraud attempts
Advantis will never ask you to provide “on-the-spot” information. We won’t email, call, or text you asking for either personal or account information, such as card number, PIN, security code, or Online Banking credentials.

If you receive an unsolicited call, text, or email asking for this information — even if it appears to be from Advantis — do not respond! Instead, call us at 503-785-2528, Mon-Fri 8 am - 6 pm, to report the communication so that we can investigate. 

But absolutely respond to our fraud alerts
If you receive a call from (866) 518-0213, or an email from the Advantis Fraud Center, this is a legitimate alert from Advantis indicating that there may be potential fraudulent activity on your Visa debit or credit card. Please contact them as soon as possible to help keep your account secure.

If you have questions after receiving this alert, contact:

Advantis Member Solutions Center



Advantis Fraud Response Center



And we’ll make sure it’s you calling 
The only time Advantis would ask for personal information would be in order to verify your identity on a call that you initiated. This could include information specific to your card, account, or identity, but you should only provide it if you’ve placed the call. Learn more and get additional tips online.