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Limits on monthly transactions for certain accounts

Transaction Limitations

Learn about transaction limitations for certain accounts.

All Advantis IRA savings accounts have transaction limits. We enforce these limitations to ensure that these accounts are considered “non-transaction” accounts under Federal regulation. The government requires that we establish reserve accounts based on funds on deposit in "transaction" accounts (such as checking), but there is no such requirement for "non-transaction" accounts. Money not held in reserve accounts can be better invested—primarily in loans to members. To qualify as a "non-transaction" account, we must limit out-bound transfers and withdrawals to no more than six per month. But not all transfers and withdrawals count toward the six-transfer limit.

Transfers or withdrawals that count against the six-transfer limit include:

  • Checks
  • Debits
  • ACH transfers
  • Telephone withdrawals and transfers
  • Transfers made via on-line banking
  • Transfers to other deposit accounts at the credit union (such as a transfer to cover an overdraft)

The following do not count toward the six-transaction limitation:

  • Transfer from a credit union account to pay loans at the credit union
  • Withdrawals or transfers between your credit union accounts made via ATM
  • Withdrawals or transfers between your credit union accounts made in person at the credit union
  • Withdrawals or transfers made between your credit union accounts by mail or messenger
  • Withdrawals or transfers made by telephone that result in a check being mailed to the member
The credit union cannot make exceptions to these transaction limits.