Online Banking Enhancements | Resolved & Outstanding Issues 1/28/15


We’re excited to bring the following enhancements to our members’ online banking experience:


In order to effectively deliver new features and continue to offer the most secure browsing experience possible, we will discontinue support for IE9 on January 28th, 2016. IE9 users will still be able to access online banking after January 28th; however, our online banking vendor will no longer provide solutions for IE9 specific issues.

Support was added for Executor, Deceased and Business membership types.

We updated our themes for a more consistent and branded look.

We updated our calendars to create a more consistent look with our online banking platform.

Users now have the ability to deselect “All” on the mobile locations widget when selecting locations types.

Improvements were made to prevent individual scheduled transfers from being affected by other transfer issues.

We updated loan payment past due alerts to include payments that will be due in a specific number of days. This change will automatically be available to members with an existing loan payment past due alert.

We added a confirmation step to bill pay on the mobile site. This feature is designed to reduce the chances of accidentally hitting submit prior to correctly entering all required bill payment information.

We added the ability to send alerts to multiple destinations (2 different email addresses, email address and SMS enabled number, etc).

Resolved Issues

Our technology team has successfully resolved the following issues reported by members:


We resolved the visual inconsistency in the transaction search text field in the accounts widget so that all browsers show the same tools.

We fixed the issue in Account Detail where some VISA payments did not display the correct payment amount due.

We resolved and issues with the Low Balance Alert to ensure “Goes Below” balance is less than the “Goes Above” balance.

We corrected inconsistencies with automatic withdrawal alert.

We fixed the issue with newly added budget categories that were not showing up in the account transactions categorization drop down.

Completed Saving Goals are now showing under the Last 15 days on the dashboard 

We updated the text on the Security Question page to include the sentence “Please answer the questions below so we can verify your identity”, which was missing from the screen.

We changed the User Message Center ­ Inbox and Sent messages so they are now showing newest to oldest.

Android mobile app users can now set up quick pin. 

In the mobile app, scheduled payments will now show “never” for an end date when a scheduled payment series has no end date. 

Members can now edit scheduled payments in bill pay on the mobile app.

In the mobile app, transaction descriptions now flow to the next line instead of being truncated. 

Mobile ­ Successful Edit payment screen with now take members back to scheduled payment page.

In the mobile app, Cancel on Logout confirmation message will no longer log the member out.

Mobile errors now look correct on wider displays. 

The  display issue when switching between a spending and income budget  has been resolved in the mobile app.

The Android tablet app ­is now able to add external account.

We resolved the issue with the Android app that caused a Samsung Tablet user to get a ‘browser out of date’ popup.

We resolved the transaction categorization error that was occurring in the app on iPads. 

Savings goals can now be created on the date they are due. 

We resolved the issue where some scheduled transfers were failing.

We fixed the problem in the Transfers widget where the VISA payment amount due was displaying incorrect.

We updated the description in Transfer View Details to be consistent with Transfer History when status is “In Progress”.

We resolved the issue where some skipped transfers in a series prevented future transfers from being scheduled. 

When changing the start date of a onetime future transfer, that transfer will now display in the upcoming transfers screen.

We added asterisk next to required fields when setting up an account. 

Transfer history will now display transfers involving accounts that have been hidden by the member. This does not affect accounts that were hidden by Advantis. 

We resolved the issue where some transfers from ACH accounts to Personal loan payments failed.

Outstanding Issues

Our technology team is working quickly to resolve the following issues, as reported by some members. We’ll provide updates as these issues are resolved.


Some members’ new addresses are not displaying in online banking.

Some members’ last names are not updating.

Some members are experiencing an issue with eStatements when using Safari.

In Bill Pay, payment dates and payees are not consistent between desktop online banking and mobile online banking.

Some members are experiencing an issue when they enter their username on the homepage and click login, they are asked to enter their username again.

The payment amount displayed in Account Details and Transfers is not correct. The payment amount does not match members' statements.