Online Banking Enhancements | Resolved & Outstanding Issues 11/17/15

Resolved Issues

Our technology team has successfully resolved the following issues reported by members:

We resolved the issue where some scheduled bi-weekly transfers were not working correctly. They should all be working as scheduled.
Improvements were made to ensure all savings goal alerts are sent on time.
We enhanced Mobile Deposit Error Messages to give members more information as to why they’re getting an error when trying to deposit a check with their mobile device.
We resolved the issue with transaction and debit card alerts so all members should now be receiving them.
Updated error text for ineligible username error when a member enters a username that contains their password.

Outstanding Issues

Our technology team is working quickly to resolve the following issues, as reported by some members. We’ll provide updates as these issues are resolved.

Some members experience an issue when editing the date on a scheduled transfer. The transfer is deleted instead of edited and saved.
When paying a bill using the mobile app, some members receive a message “There was a problem submitting your request.  Your entry of funding method and delivery method combination is not valid.“
Some members are unable to add budget sub-category in the Budget widget.
Payment dates and payees are not consistent between the bill pay on the full site and bill pay in the mobile app.
Some members are experiencing an issue when they enter their username on the homepage and click login, they are asked to enter their username again.
Some members are not receiving debit card alerts.
Bill Pay sometimes shows multiple payments for one payee instead of only showing one.
The past due amount is not displaying in Loan Details for VISA loans. 
Some scheduled transfers will fail when the account type is changed by Advantis staff.
Some members are experiencing an issues when they copy/paste their password into the app during the login process.