It’s hard to make progress on your financial goals until you know where your money is going. Start tracking your spending using the Budgeting tool in Advantis Online Banking.Play Video

The Budgeting Widget includes five tabs:

  1. Summary – view budget alerts, see your total budget progress and switch between budgets
    • Set alerts to show excessive spending in categories
    • Import account information from other financial institutions to track all of your spending
  2. Spending- shows expenses associated with the selected budget
  3. Income – shows income associated with the selected budget
  4. Transactions – displays all transactions associated with the accounts in your budget.
    • Categorize your expenses
    • Split transactions between multiple categories
  5. Settings – change or delete an existing budget

Budgeting Screen

Now setup your goals and start saving!
Once you’ve set up a budget or multiple budgets, use our Savings and Goals tool to track your progress toward your financial goals.