Bill Pay

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Explore our bill pay system:

1. Bills & Payments tab:
  • Add new payees – simply type the company or person to pay and click “Add” to get started
  • Make payments – enter the amount you want to pay next to any payee and schedule the “deliver by” date
  • Setup recurring payments – simply click “autopay” under any payee and choose from several scheduling options
  • Setup e-bills – get monthly bill delivered electronically so you can view and pay immediately (available from select companies)
  • Send expedited payments – make a same day electronic payment or overnight a paper check (for a fee)
  • View pending payments and payments recently processed
2. Payment Records tab:
  • View your bill payment history – simply click “View Reports”
  • Search specific payee history – simply click “Search Records”
  • Manage your payees into spending categories
3. Administration tab: Review a list of your funding accounts or contact member services

4. Help tab:
  • Use the “How do I” feature to get tips and instructions for completing virtually any task
  • Review Frequently Asked Questions for help
Get Started with Advantis Bill Pay:
Simply click the “Bill Pay” icon, click “register” and follow a few steps to get started!

Bill Pay Screen