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Whether you want to see the “big picture” or are looking for a specific detail about your accounts, start here. You can quickly and easily review all of your Advantis accounts, current balances, and transactions – plus you’ll enjoy easy access to open a new account online! This page includes two tabs with lots of helpful features:

  1. Accounts tab – all the information you need, all on one page.
    • View all transactions for multiple accounts or just a single account
    • Use colors and nicknames to help differentiate accounts and transactions
    • Use the Search, Filter or Sort tools to locate specific transactions
    • Categorize transactions to make budgeting easier
    • View pending transactions to get a complete picture of your spending
    • View external accounts
    • Use the ‘Add Account’ button to open a new account
  2. Statements tab – enjoy one click access to your eStatements
Accounts Screen Shot