Online Banking

Manage your accounts online, 24/7

Handle most of your banking needs without leaving your home or office with Advantis Online Banking. Login from anywhere you have internet access, 24/7, to review your financial information and manage your accounts.

With online banking you can:
  • Check your account balance
  • See if checks have cleared
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Transfer money from a line-of-credit
  • View your account history
  • Apply for loans
  • Download account information into Quicken® or Microsoft Money®
Account Security
Maintaining your online safety and privacy is our top priority. We use the best available technology in security, firewalls and encryption to ensure that your accounts are safe. Your information is also protected with advanced login security, which identifies you as the true "owner" of your accounts by recognizing not only your password but your computer as well. If you are logging in from a different computer than usual, we'll ask you for information that only you will know as an additional line of defense to prevent unauthorized access.

Please read our helpful Online Banking FAQs.

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