Download Account Information

Important notice to Quicken (Express Web Connect) and Mint Users:
Our online banking vendor has made security enhancements to safeguard against a new Online Security Vulnerability coined “Logjam”. These security enhancements have caused a connection issue for users with the Intuit products Quicken and Mint because Intuit has not yet made upgrades to its Express Web Connect system to protect against the “Logjam” Vulnerability. Intuit has estimated they will have a fix in place and their systems will be upgraded soon – at which point Advantis members should have access to connect to these Intuit products again. We apologize for this inconvenience, but the security of our members’ information is our top priority. In the meantime, members using Quicken who wish to export their account history can click the “down arrow” button on the top right of each of their accounts inside Advantis online banking (shown below in red circle).
Quicken Download

Download Your Financial Information in Online Banking

Within Online Banking there is an option to download your transactions into Quicken or Microsoft Money. This will shorten some of the manual entering. Your financial information is provided in a format that is compatible with some software.

The information provided on your monthly statements is the only information that can be downloaded. Since there is a limited amount of space, the information available for download is the current and previous months. Depending on the activity on the account, prior information may also be available (limited to the prior three months).

Quicken Users

Our new online banking system offers Express Web Connect and Web Connect with Quicken.  Direct connect is no longer available. Learn about Quicken connection options

If you used Direct connect in our previous online banking system, you will need to deactivate your Advantis account in Quicken and then “re-link” it into Quicken using Express Web Connect or Web Connect options. 

How to link your Advantis account into Quicken
Download step by step instructions:  Re-linking your Advantis account into Quicken

Please ensure you have a supported version of Quicken:
  • Web Connect:
    Quicken Windows versions 2012-2015
    Quicken Mac versions 2005-2007, Quicken Essentials, and Quicken Mac 2015
    QuickBooks Windows versions 2012-2015
    QuickBooks Mac versions 2012-2015
    QuickBooks Online

  • Express Web Connect:
    Quicken Windows versions 2012-2015
    Quicken Mac versions 2005-2007, Quicken Essentials, and Quicken Mac 2015
    QuickBooks Online edition

If you are currently using an older version of Quicken you can click here to update your software.

To download the information from your monthly statements using Quicken (QIF Export) or Microsoft Money (OFX Export):

      > Click on the Export icon.
      > Select the desired source Account for downloading.
      > Select the time frame.
      > Choose the export format.
      > Select Download Data.
      > Choose drive and name file.

IMPORTANT: Remember where you save the file. It is recommended that you save the file to your desktop for easy access in the future.

Import the file into your financial software by following the instructions included with the software program.