Advantis Credit Union offers Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now available with your Advantis debit and credit cards

Now you can make quick and secure payments (at participating retailers) with your iPhone 6, Apple Watch, or iPad and your Advantis debit and credit card accounts! No need to pull your Advantis card from your wallet, no signing, no pin entering – just tap your mobile device to pay!

How to use Apple Pay:

Simply tap the Wallet app on your Apple device and follow a few easy steps to add your Advantis cards. Once you’re enrolled, the number on the front of your Advantis card will be replaced with a digital account number that will be securely stored on your Apple device(s). When you want to pay, simply hold the device over a contactless reader at any participating retailer. 

See step by step instructions below – or watch the video to the right
  1. Use Apple Pay whenever you see these symbols at checkout:
    Apple Pay Icons
  2. When your Advantis card appears, place your finger on the Touch ID sensor to authorize your payment.

  3. Hold your device over the contactless card reader until it vibrates and beeps, indicating that your payment was accepted.

  4. That’s it – you’re payment is complete!

Pay within apps too!
You can also pay with Apple Pay and your Advantis debit and credit cards inside participating mobile apps. Simply look for (and tap) one of the buttons below when you’re ready to make an in-app purchase:
App Icons

How does Apple Pay enhance the security of my card transactions?

Apple Pay transactions must be authorized with your fingerprint (using TouchID) or a unique passcode, and transactions don’t use your actual card number. Only the digital account number is passed on to the retailer. Your payment details (including account name and number) are never shared with the retailer or seen by the cashier. This reduces the threat of your personal or account data being stolen. If your mobile device is ever lost or stolen, you will not need to cancel the cards attached to your Apple Pay account. You can simply reset your digital account number remotely using iCloud, which can be done quickly and easily.
            Apple Pay Phone & Watch 

Getting started with Apple Pay
Apple Pay Video

What about Android Pay and Samsung Pay?

We haven’t forgotten about the many members with Android and Samsung devices who would also like to pay with their Advantis cards using their mobile device.

Advantis plans to offer Android Pay and Samsung Pay in the future. We’ll keep you updated on our progress toward offering these services in the months ahead!

How to get started

Adding your Advantis debit and credit cards to your device is quick and easy! Check out our Apple Pay video above - or follow the steps below.

  1. First, make sure you have a device that’s compatible with Apple Pay:
    iPhone 6 or newer  |   Apple Watch  |  iPad Air and iPad Mini 3

  2. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad. It looks like this:
    Wallet Icon

  3. Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner of your device.

  4. Snap a picture of your card, or manually enter your card information.

  5. As a final step for your security, contact Advantis. We’ll verify your identity and authorize your card for use with Apple Pay.  Simply call 503-785-2528 or send us a secure message inside Advantis Online Banking. (Note: please contact us during business hours, Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm).
That’s it! Your Advantis card is now set up for Apple Pay.

To set your Advantis card as your default card, go to settings > Passbook & Apple Pay, tap “default card” and then select your Advantis card.