Fixed Rate Jumbo Mortgage

Borrow from $424,100 up to $2.5 million – whether you’re buying a new home or refinancing.

As local home prices trend upwards, many homebuyers need financing options for non-conventional (or “jumbo”) loan amounts. Our mortgage team can help you get the financing you need, with these added benefits:

  • Fixed rate mortgages from $424,100 up to $2.5 million
  • Pay as little as 10% down
  • Low origination fee and closing costs
  • No mortgage insurance required

Fixed term options with low fixed rates.
Advantis Credit Union offers a variety of fixed-term options featuring competitive fixed rates!

We offer a low origination fee, which can add up to big savings.
The origination fee is the amount a lender charges you for their services, and does not include third-party charges. Our low origination fee can potentially add up to thousands of dollars in savings on closing costs for a jumbo mortgage.

Get into your home for as little as 10% down.
Borrow up to 90% of the purchase price on our Jumbo Mortgage. You’ll save funds for any planned renovations.

No mortgage insurance required.
The Jumbo Mortgage requires no mortgage insurance, helping you avoid a potentially large monthly payment.

Delayed purchase refinancing available.
If you’re in the position to buy your new home with all cash, the Advantis Jumbo Mortgage allows you to qualify for a cash-out refinance after just six months of residency. No need to tie up money indefinitely in your investment!

Work with a local mortgage expert.
Our loan officers know the local market. They'll be your trusted guide, from application to closing.

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Jumbo Loan

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Underwriting approval required. Hazard insurance required, Flood insurance may be required..