SBA 504 Loan

Warehouse If you’re looking to purchase commercial real estate for your business or refinance the property you currently occupy, consider an Advantis SBA 504 loan. With a lower required contribution from the borrower, competitive rates, and excellent terms, this loan program can add up to big savings for owner occupied commercial property owners.

How does the SBA 504 program work?
You contribute 10-20% of the total loan amount (depending on the length of time in business and type of property), Advantis funds 50% of the project, and the remaining 30-40% of the project is financed by the SBA.

Purchase a new property
With as little as 10% down you can purchase your own building and start earning equity in your real estate investment.

Refinance your existing loan
Current regulations allow for the refinance of your existing debts into a SBA 504 loan at up to 90% loan to value.  Restructure your debts at today’s low interest rates.

SBA Commercial Loan Benefits
The SBA portion (30-40%) of your total loan amount offers excellent benefits:

  • Lower down payment required from the borrower
  • Ability to retain cash for working capital
  • 20-year loan terms
  • Fixed interest rates
  • No balloon payment
  • All project costs and fees can be financed into the loan

Advantis Commercial Loan Benefits
The Advantis portion (50%) of your total loan amount offers these benefits:

  • Retail, office, storage and warehouse financing at today’s low rates!
  • Loans from $250,000 to $5,000,000
  • No requirement to move your deposit accounts
  • Portfolio commercial loan products with local servicing
  • Local, in-house underwriting
  • Low closing costs

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Three simple ways you can apply today:

  1. Download a commercial loan application
  2. Submit an online loan request form
  3. Call a commercial loan specialist and apply by phone