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We have heard from many members who are excited to begin using their Advantis credit and debit cards with Apple Pay. Please know that Advantis is just as excited – and very committed – to offering this payment option to our members.  We are always working on new and improved ways for you to access and manage your accounts, so launching Apple Pay is a priority for us.

When will Advantis be offering Apple Pay?
We’re working diligently with Apple and our debit and credit card processors to make Apple Pay available to our members.  Advantis (like many other financial institutions nationwide) must follow a specific process for compliance, setup, and implementation that is managed by Apple and our card processors. As soon as we have a timeline for launch available from Apple, we will share this with our members. We know many members are eager to begin using Apple Pay, and we thank you for your patience as we work as quickly as possible to bring you this new payment option.

What is Apple Pay?
Apple Pay is a convenient mobile payment service provided by Apple that allows users to make payments with their iPhone 6, iPad, or Apple Watch. Instead of swiping your card to pay, you can simply hold your phone near the terminal at participating stores and with one touch, your payment is complete! Apple Pay uses your current debit or credit card accounts, which means you don’t have to open any new accounts and setup is relatively simple. Just look for the Apple Pay mark or contactless symbol at checkout or within the app you’re using.

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Is Apple Pay secure?
To keep your information secure, Apple converts your Advantis card number to an encrypted “Device Account Number” that is used for each transaction. Your actual card number is not stored on your device and is never shared with merchants or transmitted with your payment, creating a more secure way to pay.