We have a big savings story to tell

It starts with the little things

Advantis may not be big or national, but we have a big story to tell.

And it all starts with a whole lot of little things. Like better rates, lower fees, and more free services than you’ll get from the big, national banks.

Which means all those little things add up to big savings every year for our members.


The real value of member savings

Last year, our members saved an average of $322, for a whopping $23 million total.

All by having accounts at Advantis versus comparable accounts with the leading big national or regional banks. And the more accounts you have with us, the more you can potentially save.
It’s easy to see how your member savings numbers can add up. Which makes it even easier for you to see the full value of your Advantis membership.

Hey, we told you we had a big story to tell.

More accounts mean more savings

When our members invest in the co-op with multiple products and accounts, they get even more value from their Advantis membership. And greater value translates into greater savings.

We’ve found that members with one Advantis account saved an average of $46 annually, and members with five accounts saved an average of $973.

More opportunities to save

Take a look at some examples of the average amounts Advantis members saved on the following accounts. If you have these accounts at other financial institutions, moving them to Advantis could help you save even more.

Average annual savings:
Cashback Icon - dollar sign with arrows around Interest-bearing checking
Average annual savings:
Certificate of deposit
Average annual savings:
Average annual savings:
Money Markets
Average annual savings:
auto icon Vehicle loans
Average annual savings:
Money Icon Personal loans
Average annual savings:
Average annual savings:
Average annual savings:
Credit card icon Credit cards
Average annual savings:

Maximize your savings

Ready to make the most of your membership and boost your savings? Let’s talk.

We’ll review your accounts and discuss some smart and easy options to start saving more. And we’re available, how and when it works best for you.

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Frequently asked questions

What does my estimated, annualized savings amount reflect?

Your savings amount is an estimate and is for illustration purposes only. This estimate illustrates projected savings for an entire year, regardless of when your account was opened.

Financial institutions with comparable rate tiers and pricing structures were used to determine an average rate within each product type. Individual savings were then estimated by determining the difference between current Advantis rates and the average rates, and then applying this differential to your Advantis rates.

In some instances, there may be an account that there is not an exact match for, so we will make the best comparison possible. For example, an HSA account would likely be compared to a regular savings to calculate the savings variance. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice. 

The savings amount for all loan relationships, including credit cards, was determined based on balances as of 01/31/2021. If your balance is not carried over month to month, your savings amount would be less.

What fees are included in calculating my savings?

Fees were also taken into consideration when calculating the benefit associated with certain account relationships, using the average fees charged by competitors for that particular account, compared with the fees charged at Advantis. We’re proud to have very few regular account maintenance fees, especially compared to national banks.

Where did you get the data?

The research and all rates, fees, average and collective savings information provided by Marquis from Informa Research Services, Inc., Calabasas, CA, was conducted using bank market rates based on financial data from 01/23/2021 through 02/12/2021. Although the information provided by Informa has been obtained from the financial institutions themselves, neither Marquis nor Advantis Credit Union can guarantee absolute accuracy as rates can change without notice.

How did you determine average and collective member savings?

The average savings amount was determined by comparing the rates and fees at Advantis Credit Union with the average rates and applicable fees of leading financial institutions in the local market, as reported by Informa Research Services, Inc., Calabasas, CA,

Individual savings amounts were determined by comparing the rates and fees at Advantis Credit Union with the average rates and applicable fees of leading financial institutions in the local market, as reported by Informa Research Services, Inc., Calabasas, CA, The individual results were then added to establish a total savings figure.