Slim down high interest debt with our
Personal Loan Special Offer!

Do you have high interest debt that’s weighing you down? Consolidate higher interest bank credit cards and loans with an Advantis personal loan at limited-time rates as low as 6.99% APR.* You’ll pay off your debt faster and enjoy significant interest savings. Or use an Advantis personal loan to pay for a large expense, like a vacation, wedding or home project.

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                        Special rates as low as:
  • Fixed terms up to 5 years
  • No processing fees
  • Borrow up to $25,000

Lose the high rate. Gain BIG interest savings.

Ditch the variable rate and ever-changing payment on your revolving debt and switch to the simplicity of a fixed term and set in stone monthly payment. Plus, you’ll save big on interest charges over the life of your loan. See for yourself:

revolving debt
Making only
minimum payments
$15,000 fixed
Advantis Personal Loan
APR 15.76% APR variable1 6.99% APR* fixed
Monthly Payment $450 variable2
(Decreases as you pay down balance)
$297 fixed
Estimated Payoff 20 years, 4 months2 5 years

Pay for a large expense. Enjoy a cost effective way to borrow.

With a low fixed rate and no servicing fees, the Advantis personal loan is a cost effective way to borrow for your next big expense. Whether you need to remodel a room in your home, pay for a vacation, or even cover wedding expenses – take advantage of our personal loan special offer. You’ll enjoy savings over many other financing options and the guidance of a local lending expert from start to finish.

Apply by March 31st to enjoy special (lower) rates.

Apply online, in-branch, or by phone. It’s quick, easy, and you’ll enjoy the guidance of an Advantis lending expert from start to finish.

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*APR= Annual Percentage Rate. APRs range from 6.99% to 14.99% and will be based on your credit qualifications. To qualify for special offer, applications must be received between January 1st, 2015 and March 31st, 2015. All loans subject to underwriting approval. Payment example on a fixed-rate 5-year personal loan at 6.99% would be $19.80 per $1000 borrowed. 1APR based on average rate for balance transfer credit cards sourced from as of 12/4/14. 2Based on the Credit Card Minimum Payment Calculator at To view a full amortization schedule click “View Report”. Estimate assumes a starting balance of $15,000 with a minimum principal and interest payment totaling 3% of the outstanding balance, no interest rate change and no additional credit advances. Changes to interest rate may increase or decrease the repayment period. Paying more than the minimum payment will reduce interest paid and the repayment period. 3Savings is an estimate for illustration purposes only and assumes that you make your minimum payment each month on time. Your actual savings may vary depending on the APR and term of your Advantis Personal Loan and the actual terms of your credit card account.