Important Notice: New Mortgage Account Statement

Do you have an Advantis home equity loan or mortgage loan?

Beginning in December 2014, you will receive separate monthly statements for all mortgage and home equity loans you hold at Advantis (except for home equity lines of credit). Delivery of this statement is required by federal regulation. These loans will no longer appear on your regular statement (with the other accounts you may hold at Advantis). These new mortgage statements have been delayed a few days, but should be mailed to you later this month.

What you need to know:

  • Your mortgage and/or home equity loans (excluding home equity lines of credit) will no longer appear on your regular monthly account statement. Instead, you will receive a separate statement for these loans.

  • This new statement and the way in which it is formatted is required by regulation and is intended to provide you with more details regarding your loan(s) with Advantis. You may use the payment coupon attached to this new statement in lieu of any other mortgage coupon. NOTE: The coupon is provided as a convenience only and will not change any existing electronic or automatic payment arrangement you may have in place. If you would like to arrange to make automatic payments on your loan, please contact an Advantis member advisor.

  • Initially, all borrowers will be mailed paper statements. If you are an eStatement user, we hope to begin electronic delivery of the new mortgage statements by the end of the first quarter of 2015.

Please call 503-785-2528 or 800-547-5532 if you have any questions.