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We’re committed to inclusion, diversity, and equity for all.

Equity for all

At Advantis, valuing every person and caring for our community is at the heart of our organization, and the reason many of our employees and members choose to be part of our cooperative. We are committed to kindness, inclusion, diversity, and equity.

The tragic death of George Floyd, the social justice movement of 2020, and the murders in Atlanta, have led many of us to want to do more to enact meaningful change. We know people in our community – including many of our members – are feeling pain, anger, and fear. We want you to know that we are here for you and we will work alongside you to achieve a better future for all of us.

  • We are committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and caring environment for ALL of our employees and members, including Black, Brown, and all people of color. We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination, racism, and harassment. We hold our employees accountable to these standards.

  • Advantis has a long history of providing grants and funding to nonprofits supporting underserved communities through our Grow Community Fund. Since its inception 10 years ago, our Grow fund has provided over a half million dollars to fund important community projects. We are committed to continuing to support nonprofits doing critical work, right here in Portland. In recognition of Juneteenth 2020 (June 19th), Advantis made a donation to the NAACP of Portland, an organization dedicated to eradicating racism and discrimination in all its forms. Additionally, we have made a donation to the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO), an organization that is working to advance equity for Asians and Pacific Islanders through organizing, advocacy, community development, and cultural work.

  • Our Allies for Good community giving program is dedicating one-third of our philanthropy budget to supporting communities that have faced exclusion and underrepresentation. We’re pledging to serve as allies for Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities, people of color, and LGBTQ+ and other underrepresented communities. Along with financial support of nonprofits dedicated to supporting these communities, Allies for Good also includes education and resource initiatives, new products and services, and volunteer service.
  • Advantis President and CEO Jason Werts recently shared details on Advantis’ commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Read the article in the Portland Business Journal.

As a cooperative credit union, we are dedicated to our founding principles of “people helping people.” This means that we are committed to finding ways to do more to support people of color in our community as we work toward a more just and equal society.  

We’re committed to inclusion, diversity, and equity for all.