Deferred Compensation & 457 (b) Accounts

Guaranteed Long-term Earnings

Building a healthy nest egg is just one of the great benefits of an Advantis 457(b) account. Advantis 457(b) accounts offer competitive interest rates to employees of participating government employers. The 457(b) account can be an excellent supplement to your pension and Social Security benefits and includes no set up fee, withdrawal fee or annual maintenance fee!

The following employers offer 457(b) accounts to their employees through Advantis Credit Union:

  • City of Portland (Traditional & Roth options)
  • Home Forward
  • Portland Development Commission
  • Rockwood Water People’s Utility District

Traditional Deferred Compensation Option
You can opt for a traditional deferred compensation account which lowers your taxable income by deferring a portion of your wages each pay period until withdrawal*.

Roth Option
If your employer’s plan permits, you may also contribute after-tax funds to a Roth account. Since contributions are made with after-tax dollars, qualified distributions from a Roth are tax-free*. Participants can contribute to both account options and may allocate the contributions in any proportion up to the annual maximum set by the IRS.

Contribution Amount
The maximum amount you can contribute to your 457(b) account in 2017 is $18,000. This limit is set by the IRS and may change each year based on cost of living adjustments. Your employer sponsors and administers your plan and will set minimum contribution limits as well as determine when you can change your contribution amounts or switch investment providers.

Safe and Insured
Your Advantis 457(b) account is guaranteed to not lose value due to market fluctuations and is separately insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (an agency of the federal government).

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Share Insurance on 457(b) Plan Accounts

*Distributions from your traditional deferred compensation account upon retirement, severance of employment or unforeseeable emergency are subject to federal and (if applicable) state income tax. Distributions from a Roth account upon retirement, severance of employment or unforeseeable emergency are excluded from your gross income if your first Roth contribution occurred at least 5 years before the withdrawal and you have experienced one of the following: turning 59 ½ years of age, death or disability. All other withdrawals from a Roth are partially taxable. Federally insured by the NCUA.