Certificates of Deposit

Lock in a great rate today!

Are you looking for a high interest rate to help your savings grow? Our certificates provide the security of NCUA deposit insurance and a guaranteed rate of return. Choose the term that’s right for you, anywhere from 6 to 36 months, and enjoy a higher rate and more earnings on your savings.

  • The more you invest, the greater your returns with our tiered interest rates
  • Choose the term that works for you – from 6 to 36 months
  • No monthly service fee
  • Minimum opening balance starting at $500
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Special "Bump" Certificates

Worried that you’ll miss out on a rate increase if you lock in a CD right now? Get the certificate that lets you "bump" your rate if market rates increase. A 13-month bump certificate lets you "bump" your rate to the current rate paid on a 12 month certificate, one time during the term of your certificate. The higher rate will be paid for the remaining term of your certificate. Minimum opening balance $2,500. "Bumping" is easy - just call us and say, "Raise my rate today." 

For 13-month bump rate certificates, you may increase your rate once during the certificate term to a rate currently in effect for our standard 12-month certificates. There may be a penalty for early withdrawal. For IRA certificates, there is a plan closure fee which may reduce earnings.