ATM/Debit Cards

atm transaction mom and childEnjoy convenient access to your funds – wherever you go!

An ATM/Debit card is the perfect companion to an Advantis Checking Account. You can use your debit card like cash anywhere VISA is accepted, and make free withdrawals from over 30,000 ATMs nationwide through the CO-OP Network!  

Avoid ATM fees when you choose these options:

  • Advantis ATMs are always free to members
  • 30,000 free CO-OP Network ATMs are available nationwide (including ATMs at most 7-11 stores)
  • Use non-Advantis ATMs up to 5 times per month and pay no surcharge fee (other banks may charge a withdrawal fee)

Activate Your Card

If you recently received a new Advantis Visa card, you can securely activate it online or by phone at:

You will need your Advantis member number and the last four digits of the primary card holder’s social security number.

Questions? Please call us at 503-785-2528.

Chip CardYour new Advantis card comes with chip technology.

Enjoy enhanced security and global card acceptance!
Your new card comes with chip technology, providing advanced fraud protection and account security. Chip technology is already in use in over 130 countries worldwide, so you'll also enjoy greater card acceptance when traveling internationally!

When will I receive a chip debit card?
You’ll receive a new chip card in the mail when your current debit card expires. If you don't want to wait and would like a chip card now, simply:

  • Visit any branch location and we'll issue you a new card instantly!
  • Or log in to Advantis online banking on a desktop/laptop, click the "More" icon on the left, "Account Tools", "Replace a Card" and complete a quick online request form (no phone call or branch visit required).
  • You can also call us during business hours (Monday - Friday, 8am-6pm) at 503-785-2528, option #5,
    then option #1.

Important note: your card number will remain the same with your new chip card (we want to make it easy!)

How to use your new chip card

Follow the steps below when using a chip-enabled terminal (you'll notice a slot at the front of the machine). At all other terminals, swipe your card to pay.

Chip Card Step 1 Step 1
Insert your card chip-first into the front slot of a chip-enabled terminal (instead of swiping). Follow the on-screen prompts.
Chip Card Step 2 Step 2
Leave your card in the terminal for the duration of the transaction. You may need to sign to authorize the transaction.
Chip Card Step 3 Step 3 
Remove your card from the terminal once you've completed the transaction and take your receipt.


What is a chip card?
A chip card is embedded with a microchip that enables a more secure form of payment.

How is a chip card more secure?
When you use your card in a chip-enabled terminal, a one-time encrypted code is used to transmit your card data for the transaction (rather than transferring data through the magnetic stripe). This code is virtually impossible to counterfeit, protecting your card data from being duplicated or stolen at the time of payment.

Where can I use my new chip card?
Your new chip card can be used anywhere VISA is accepted, including online!

Can I still swipe my card to pay?
Yes! Your card also has the traditional magnetic stripe on the back, enabling you to use it at merchants that have not yet adopted a chip-enabled terminal.

How does this relate to "tap & go" cards?
Chip cards use a different technology than RFID (radio frequency identification) cards that involve a “tap and go” process. You must insert your chip card into the terminal to complete your transaction.

Does this change the way I make online payments?
No. Nothing changes with your online payments.

Has my card information changed?
No, your card number remains the same. Any auto-payments you've set up should still process as normal.

Has anything changed with my card protection services?
No. Whether you make payments using chip-enabled terminals or swipe your card, you will continue to enjoy our fraud protection and monitoring service, as well as coverage by VISA's Zero Liability Policy. If your card is lost, stolen, or fraudulently used, you won’t be held responsible for unauthorized charges if they are reported within 60 days.

Do I pay an extra fee to have a chip card?
No. Advantis is covering the additional cost of this enhanced security feature as it’s important to us to provide the best security available for our members.

Do I still need to notify Advantis before traveling?
Yes. We recommend you notify us before traveling out of state or to foreign destinations to reduce the likelihood of service interruptions with your cards.