ATM/Debit Cards

atm transaction mom and childEnjoy convenient access to your funds – wherever you go!

An ATM/Debit card is the perfect companion to an Advantis Checking Account. You can use your debit card like cash anywhere VISA is accepted, and make free withdrawals from over 30,000 ATMs nationwide through the CO-OP Network!  

Avoid ATM fees when you choose these options:

  • Advantis ATMs are always free to members
  • 30,000 free CO-OP Network ATMs are available nationwide (including ATMs at most 7-11 stores)
  • Use non-Advantis ATMs up to 5 times per month and pay no surcharge fee (other banks may charge a withdrawal fee)

Activate Your Card

When you receive your new VISA Debit Card by mail, you’ll notice a sticker affixed to the card that will provide you with two options for activation:

  • Call our card activation service at 1-800-411-6390
  • Visit our secure activation website: You will need to answer security questions to confirm your identity and the protection of your account

Please call us at 503-785-2528 if you have any questions.