About Us

Ready. Set. Possibilities.

At Advantis, we're all about possibilities.  We continually strive to build value for our members, and we're passionate about helping them achieve their financial goals with expert guidance, quality financial products  and innovative solutions. 

We provide exceptional service and value, and our outstanding record has received national recognition. Advantis ranks in the top 2% of credit unions nationwide for the financial value we return to members.*

We've served the Portland area community for over 86 years, and we're locally owned by over 63,000 Advantis Credit Union members.  Join Advantis, and experience all of the advantages of credit union membership for yourself. 

Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors are elected by the membership to set the overall strategy for the credit union.  An Audit Committee is appointed by the board to ensure that written policies are established and followed, and that financial records are accurate. All are unpaid volunteers who donate their time and expertise to make Advantis one of Oregon's best financial institutions.

Board of Directors:
Patrick Hager, Chair
Amanda Owings, Vice Chair
Andy Dolberg, Secretary/Treasurer
Carolyn Benolken
Renee Halpern
Roger Hediger
Jake Jensen
Bob Pearson
Tammy Teske
        Audit Committee:
Ross Wescott, Chair
Lucrecia Choto
Tom Hoang
Brandon Lepley

**For the quarter ending September 30, 2015 Advantis was ranked 13th out of 247 credit unions in the United States that have over $1 billion in assets in returning financial value to members. Research was conducted by Callahan & Associates, a national research and consulting firm.